Evolution Aqua  70 kit 44w			2 year			Max 75 Lpm			Max Depth 3.9m							Evolution Aqua Airtech 95			62w			2 year			Max 95 Lpm			Max Depth 4.35m							Evolution Aqua Airtech 130			88w			2 year			Max 130 Lpm			Max Depth 4.7m							Evolution Aqua Airtech 150			106w			2 Year			Max 150 Lpm			Max Depth 5.5m

Evolution Aqua air pumps. 70 - 150 lpm

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  • Evolution Aqua Airtech 75, 95, 130 and 150 Air Pumps are the perfect addition to your fish pond.

    Oxygen is vital to all pond inhabitants whether they are Koi, goldfish or bacteria. It also stops stagnant areas which can cause poor conditions. Using an air pump does not increase the amount of oxygen in your pond. It works by moving the water around at speed which disseminates the oxygen present in the water. This constant movement is also a good way to combat algae growth, especially in the summer months.

    The Airtech collection is long lasting and robust. Top quality rubber connectors are used to create a watertight seal with other connection hose (not included). To stop the unit overheating a weather tight, thermal protection device is built in to the unit to avoid overheating to prolong the performance and life of the unit.

    They are available in various formats, at rates of 75lph to 150 lph to ensure a smooth, constant current in your pond. They can be connected to airline and an air stone to create a stream of bubbles.

    Complete with a two year guarantee each pump offers long lasting performance and peace of mind.

  • Next day delivery available.