NT Labs Medi Koi Health


Soya, Wheat, Fish Meal, maize, Fish Oil, Herbs , Propolis.


Protein 33%, Oil 3.1%, Herbs 750mg/kg, Propolis 1500 mg/kg, Stimune 1000 mg/kg.


Vitamins / Kg: A 26250 IU, C 350 mg, D 3000 IU, E 233 mg, Stimune 1000mg Herbs 750 mg, Propolis 1500mg, EEC Permitted Preservatives and anti-oxidants.

NT Labs Medikoi Health

  • Medikoi Health food is the ideal way to support the immune system of your Koi through the food’s unique ingredients including: lemon peel, olive leaf, Artemesia and Propolis.  Another vital ingredient is Stimune, this helps the fish’s natural immune system to fight infection.

    Medikoi Health contains a unique natural herbal formula developed in our laboratories which helps to maintain resistance to disease and a wide variety of infections. 

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